Dad asks golden retriever ‘where’s cat’ and pup reveals hiding spot

Not all cats and dogs fight like, well, cats and dogs. This is especially true for Halo and Harper of Toledo, Ohio.

The 8-month-old male cat and the 9-month-old female golden retriever love each other very much.

But it doesn’t always look that way. Harper and Halo might look like they’re fighting. But that isn’t the case.

They just like to playfully rough house. Sometimes they like to play hide-and-go-seek. Well, sort of.

Actually, Harper just likes to hide Halo.

Harper is so much bigger than her cat brother that when they cuddle together you can’t even see Halo.

To be fair, we’re not exactly sure if Halo consents to this.

Their dad took a video where he seemed to be a touch concerned about Harper’s behavior.

“Harper?” dad chides as the golden retriever hides her nose under her paw.

But it looks like she’s hiding something else under those big golden paws.

“What are you doing?” dad asks.

That’s when the good girl lifts her head up to reveal her little brother, who is the exact same color as her, lying underneath her.

“Oh, my goodness,” dad exclaims.

Though Halo had his mouth agape, he didn’t seem all that upset about it.

In fact, he looked kind of cozy. But that was just at first glance. Then we see Harper roll over on Halo a bit and that’s when Halo starts to gnaw at his sister. Then he goes into his playful attack mode.

“Poor kitty,” dad says just as the video ends.

More than 3.1 million people viewed Harper and Halo’s silly antics.

“I can’t tell if they’re friends or if the dogs holding the cat hostage,” said one commenter.

“The cat acted like he was embarrassed the humans saw him cuddling the dog,” said another.

Either way, it’s clear that these two are happy to be together.

It’s probably because of the golden retriever’s demeanor. According to Nylabone, golden retrievers are one of the best breeds to cohabitate with cats.

This is because golden retrievers are known to be kind and empathetic. So, they naturally accept cats as a part of their family.

However, it’s still important to train a golden retriever to not chase cats before they interact with felines.

But once that training is out of the way, golden retrievers and cats are likely to get along just fine.

Golden retrievers are also very affectionate cats and gentle so you can trust them to be careful around a smaller cat.

Since goldens are also very smart, they can sense if your cat is getting annoyed and will instinctively know to back off.

When first introducing your golden retriever to a cat, it’s important to have a lot of treats on hand and to do so slowly. You may want to start by introducing them through a window.

You can also introduce them to each other’s smells first by letting them smell each other’s toys or belongings.

And with any luck, your golden and cat will get along like Harper and Halo. Check out their cuteness in the video below.