Nobody would mow “nightmare yard” for this kind lady

If you’ve ever missed a week of mowing your lawn, this story is for you! We all know that grass left unkept can grow wild. Weeds turn into towering monsters that can’t be tamed with standard equipment. A lady’s new house was congested. It had been whole for quite a while, and the weeds were … Read more

80% Of Players Failed To Spot The Odd One Out.

This Eye Test has recently taken over the web is challenging players to find the odd one out. UltrasoundThis test uses sound waves to make a picture of the inside of your eye. It helps your doctor diagnose and treat tumors, cataracts, or bleeding in your eye. You might also get it before cataract surgery. … Read more

Lee Collinson brings “Better Days” to America’s Got Talent

“The dream is to make music whether that’s a studio, whether that’s touring, or singing. I just want to be able to quit my day job and just do music.” A powerful quote from 21-year-old Lee Collinson, who performed a beautiful rendition of “Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy. Following an emotional FaceTime call with his … Read more

Lee Ann Womack’s “A Little Past Little Rock” fills a longing for REAL country music

American country artist Lee Ann Womack is no stranger to creating hit after hit. The Billboard chart-topper has been making music since 1977, creating a diverse and welcoming tone to the country music scene. One of these extraordinary country hits is Lee Ann Womack’s “A Little Past Little Rock,” a mild-mannered contemporary experience that grandstands … Read more

This Little Rock woman just turned 104 years old. Take a moment to wish Ms. Dorothy Pumphrey a very happy birthday

Dorothy Pumphrey, who has been a lifelong Little Rock resident, just celebrated her 104th birthday! LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Happy birthday! It’s officially now 104 rotations around the sun for one Arkansas woman. Dorothy Pumphrey, who has been a lifelong Little Rock resident, just celebrated her 104th birthday. Her secret behind celebrating so many birthdays? … Read more

U.S. Army Field Band performs a powerful tribute to heroes

The United States Army Field Band’ performs ‘Forged in Fire’ by Mark Watters, transcribed for the band by the composer and Ira Hearshen. This was performed live in concert as a tribute to search and rescue teams around the country that risk their lives to keep us safe! The song is strong all through as … Read more