20-year-old raising 5 siblings while grieving the passing of both parents receives new car

It’s difficult to lose your parents at a very young age.

But it can be much more difficult for the sibling who had to fill their shoes. Whether they like it or not, this sibling would have to find a way to mature faster than her peers, and they cannot fail because a lot is on the line.

20-year-old Samantha Rodriguez experienced this firsthand. Her grief was cut short because she had to pull herself up for her siblings.

The Rodriguez kids lost both their parents to cancer.

They lost their mom to cervical cancer then three years after that, they lost their father to lymphoma.

Samantha, being the eldest of five, had to assume the responsibility of being the sole caregiver for the family. It wouldn’t be easy as she has to raise a child as young as five years old to as old as 16.

While they were receiving help from their grandmother, Samantha bore the brunt of everything. She worked as a server in Disney Springs in Disney World. This is on top of sibling-related errands like getting them to school and appointments, running errands, or buying groceries.

At that point, Samantha practically stopped living any part of her life that focused on her.

Thankfully, however, not everyone was blind to their plight. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office invited Samantha and her siblings to their aviation hangar for a tour.

It was actually a surprise when the siblings received lots of gifts and love from the community. It also opened their story to the world.

The Facebook post became viral.

People started asking in the comments section for a bank account, a GoFundMe page, or any avenue to extend financial assistance.

It would culminate when members of the community pitched in to provide the family with an important thing that they could use daily.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office gave them another surprise.

Through the help of various donors, they gifted Samantha a brand new Nissan Versa. Samantha’s reaction was recorded in a video posted by the department.