The Sprouse Twins today: Inside their life now, at 30

Dylan and Cole Sprouse know that sometimes it takes two. The adorable identical twin boys, who captured our hearts almost 25 years ago with their playful performance as the precocious little boy on Big Daddy with Adam Sandler, are no longer little. Nor are they boys. Now handsome 30-year-old man, Dylan, and his younger brother by 15 … Read more

My daughter-in-law came to our house for the first time, she wanted to meet us.We have a farm, we keep a cattle. Before entering the house, I heard her saying from the window, “Ouh, what’s that smell, I won’t live here.” See what my husband did

We live in the village, we have a farm and we keep some animals. Our son works and lives in the city. We knew that he had been in a relationship with a girl for a long time and that everything was serious, so we said, well, let’s invite her to our village to see … Read more

Three’s Company star Joyce DeWitt shared a final night with John Ritter shortly before his unexpected passing

When she starred in the cult television show Three’s Company, Joyce DeWitt, 74, became a household name. The actress worked for about a decade in the business, but after the show was canceled, she decided to take a long break from Hollywood. DeWitt is back working in the business after having starred in several television shows … Read more