Cat Named Jerry Finds ‘Loving Forever Home’ After Owner Gave Him Away for Being ‘Too Affectionate’

A 4-year-old cat is now in his “loving forever home” after his previous owner gave him up for being “too affectionate.”

The Florida feline, Jerry, was recently dropped off at the Humane Society of Broward County by his initial owner, who was “annoyed” by Jerry’s displays of affection like rubbing against her.

“Jerry loved her, but she didn’t love him back, so she turned him in to our shelter,” the facility wrote alongside a touching Facebook reel. “Now he’s heartbroken and confused. He’s hoping that someone will love him for who he is – a lovebug!”

The shelter added that Jerry plays well with “other laid-back pets.”

The post included a sweet message from Jerry that read “Too affectionate” at the top, adding, “Yep that’s the reason my owner turned me in. She said that I annoyed her with how sweet and affectionate I was. It was too much for her. She said I waited at the door for her and talked too much. I loved her but she didn’t love me back. I’m hoping somebody will love me for who I am. Love, Jerry.”

It didn’t take long for someone to see the video — which also featured Jerry relaxing in his habitat and sweetly being pet — and adopt him.

The shelter posted an update via Facebook and let supporters know he’s found his new home and doesn’t have to hold back when showing how much he loves his new family.

Jerry was adopted!” the caption of a reel read, which shows Jerry getting shown a little affection himself. “Sweet Jerry has found a loving forever home where he can be as affectionate as he wants!”

It added, “Jerry’s video was seen by just the right person and she ran to the shelter first thing this morning to adopt him!”

The shelter saluted the efforts of its online supporters who helped spread the word about Jerry.

Jerry isn’t the only cat who found a new home after being given away for showing too much love.

Earlier this year, a cat named Bruno was also adopted after being deemed “too affectionate.”

According to a Facebook Jan. 25 post from the Montville Animal Shelter, Bruno had been recently adopted by a mother and her daughter, both first-time cat owners, which likely played a part in why they relinquished the animal one week after bringing him home.

“The family never had a cat before and said he was too affectionate, always wanted to sit on their laps, follow them around, and head-butt them for kisses and pets,” the shelter wrote on social media.

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Lindsay Persico of the Montville Animal Shelter told USA Today that she noticed Bruno got a bit depressed once he was returned to the shelter, so she posted the cat’s tale on Facebook. The post got more than 1,000 shares and hundreds of comments.

Soon after the Jan. 25 post went up, Montville Animal Shelter received about 50 applications to adopt Bruno, which is unusually high for the facility, Persico said.

Bruno now has a new owner who knows to expect an extraordinarily affectionate cat — and his story prompted a surge in cat adoptions at the New Jersey shelter.

“People were coming to our door to meet Bruno, and we got almost all the cats in the store adopted in the meantime,” Persico told the outlet.