Ralphie the ‘Demon’ Dog Adopted by a ‘Blessed’ Owner Who’s ‘Completely in Love’ with the Pup

Ralphie the ‘demon’ dog has a heavenly home.

The rescue dog first made headlines in January when the Niagara Country SPCA posted about the pup on Facebook.

In their adoption post, the New York shelter described the 26-Lb. dog as a “fire-breathing demon” and “a whole jerk- not even half.”

“Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package,” the Niagara Country SPCA shared on social media before adding details about the dog’s bad behavior.

The comical and brutally honest Facebook post won Ralphie numerous admirers and many adoption applications.

While the Niagara County SPCA worked on finding Ralphie the right home, the shelter provided updates on the dog’s training to be “a proper gentleman.”

Then, on Feb. 2, the organization announced on Facebook that “Ralphie the terror” had been adopted and followed up the news with another post providing details on the pet’s new home.

Ralphie Demon Dog Finds Home

In the follow-up post from Feb. 4, the Niagara County SPCA shared a note from Ralphie’s mom about his first few days as an adopted dog.

“I am completely in love!!! He’s AMAZING … I was literally questioning where the name ‘Demon Dog’ came from, and then I saw a few things … although, I’m pretty convinced it’s nothing we can’t work on and get figured out!” read the note from Ralphie’s pet parent.

“He found a happy place with me because he saved me as much as I saved him … I feel blessed!” she added.

According to the new pet owner, Ralphie is working on his housetraining, curbing his nipping, and learning how to ask for things nicely. He responds well to the “secret training treat” of sliced hot dogs.