My neighbor’s husband came to me drunk and wanted to kiss me. my answer was very fast and shocking for him

I am divorced and live alone. I have no children because I couldn’t and my husband argued about it. I separated because I found out he had a mistress and was finally disappointed in him. Months after the divorce, I found out he was living with his lover and they were expecting a baby.

After the divorce I lived with my parents, but they soon died and I was left alone.

I have a very kind neighbor. She has educated and intelligent children. When she goes out on business she leaves the children with me. Sometimes she asked her husband to take the children away from me.

She brings her home with her and I kind of bonded with them, and when my neighbor was at work, she left the kids with me. I kept the kids busy, we went for a walk. My neighbor would come home late and ask her husband to come get the kids. Truth be told, she and her husband were not lucky. They often fought, he often didn’t go home at night, and the poor girl took care of the children alone. I don’t know what that was for. I felt sorry for her, because I know very well myself what it means to be betrayed.

One day I was at home with her children when her husband came in. He was drunk and rude to the children as he walked them home. Then my doorbell rang. I opened it and saw him. He came into my house without permission and wanted to kiss me. I slapped him and kicked him out of the house. I have not said anything to his wife. Advise me what to do I am confused.