I had my second daughter and since that day my mother-in-law stopped talking with me

I have been married for 6 years and became a mother for the second time. I had a daughter, my second girl was born, which I am very happy about. It’s just that our house is kind of upset about it. My husband is embarrassed to tell his friends that he had a second daughter, my father-in-law tells everyone that he wants a grandson a boy. My mother-in-law doesn’t talk to me. I feel that she is offended.

I couldn’t stand it and said a few words to my mother-in-law in front of everyone. She said that we all dreamed of a boy, but it was a girl again. They were all very sad, I explained to her that I was not the only one who made this child, that it was her son’s child. That I was the only one who could not be offended.

Or what it means to be upset about a girl. I can not decide the sex of the child in advance, and it does not depend on me, so get used to it. either you love this child, or I will pack my things and leave.