I loved my mother-in-law as a mother, she loved me very much too, but look what a mess happened in our relationship

My husband is the eldest son in the family, and we were married first. Three years later, my husband’s brother also got married. My relationship with my mother-in-law was fine from the day we met, she loved me and I loved her. And we were very close. But after my husband’s brother’s wife showed up, things started to change. I felt that she was jealous of our good relationship, but my mother-in-law treated her well also.

One day my mother-in-law and I had a fight over my husband’s brother-in-law’s wife. And the reason was that she allegedly told my mother-in-law to bring the child and leave him with us, she has to go away on business, my mother-in-law said that I was against it. My husband’s brother’s wife is told me about it. But my mother-in-law says she didn’t say anything like that.

We argued for a while, but we soon figured out what it was all about. Fortunately, we both talked to my husband’s brother’s wife and made it clear that there was no need to quarrel or hold grudges in this house, we were all united and had to approach each other with understanding.