Grieving Rod Stewart Paid Tribute To Dear Brother Who Gave Him ‘Brilliant’ Support His Whole Life.

Rod Stewart stated on Instagram on November 30, 2022, that his brother, Bob, had died the night before. The bereaved musician admitted that he broke the news with a broken heart.

The musician also said that Bob will be joining their other brother, Don, who had died previously. He expected his siblings to be playing football on the pitch in the sky.

The bereaved actor said that he had lost two of his greatest pals in the span of two months. He wished his brothers a happy slumber before describing them as “irreplaceable comrades.”

The message was accompanied by a flame and the words “Rest in Peace.” On September 9, 2022, the singer announced Don’s death at the age of 94, accompanied a photo of a crown on a dark background.

Rod’s autobiography, “Rod: The Autobiography,” also recounted how he lost his sister Peggy. When she died, he thought she’d gone too soon, and he remembered his siblings on his other sister’s birthday.

Rod’s sister, Mary Cady, marked her 90th birthday in Iver, Bucks, in January 2019. The actor paid respect to the birthday girl and the late Don while attending the ceremony with his wife, Penny Lancaster, saying that he got to tell that these folks were crucial in supporting him, assisting him in getting into music, and simply being there for him.

The artist, who has four siblings, stated that he couldn’t speak “highly enough” about them and how they helped him with things like cleaning his dirty underwear or football. Rod adored them all, expressing these individuals have always been fantastic in his life.

Speaking to Don, the singer admitted that they had disagreements and physical battles from time to time, but he still loved them. Lancaster’s renowned husband also confessed his feelings for Cady.

Addressing the crowd once again, he expressed his gratitude for their attendance at his sister’s important occasion that night. Despite having hectic lifestyles, he and his siblings celebrated Christmas with other family members in 2021.

Rod posted a snapshot of the family posing for a portrait on Twitter on December 26, 2021. Despite losing the most of his siblings by November 2022, the musician was fortunate to still retain his adored sister, Cady.