On Adoption Day, a single Michigan mother who has lost her son adopts a three-year-old girl.

Monique Jackson is a woman with a golden heart. She was expecting a newborn boy and couldn’t wait to see him and shower him with love. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Although the single mother sadly lost her newborn baby boy, optimism and happiness would have the ultimate word in her narrative. A baby girl required a home, and God established an incredible bond between the child and Monique.

An old family acquaintance called Monique during her pregnancy with an unusual request. She, too, was expecting a kid, but there was one major difference: the friend did not wish to retain her kid.

She needed her unborn baby daughter to have a secure and loving home, so she reached out to someone who could provide it. She requested Monique to take care of her kid once she was born.

Monique didn’t hesitate to say yes to her buddy’s request, a life-altering choice. She revealed- it was obviously divine intervention. The day her son was due was also the day she took her home from the hospital, so one never anticipate what God has in store for one.

Monique somehow brought the baby girl home on the day she was supposed to receive her boy. It was a unique moment that felt predestined, and Monique thanked God twice. Monique did an excellent job of nurturing the infant girl. She felt privileged to be a mother figure in Kensington’s life.

After three years, the family went to court since it was time to finalize things. Monique listened as a court granted her adoption of Kensington in November 2022, during the extremely historic Thanksgiving week. Before making things formal, the judge said happily:

“What I see here is love. And what I see here is the capacity and disposition to give the child that love and affection.”

Adoption Day is Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein’s favorite day of the year, and he was happy to make the verdict public. Chief Judge Timothy Kenny of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals added that during Thanksgiving week, they have adoption day throughout the state of Michigan since it truly is a time to be grateful.

Monique was overcome with passion and gratitude for the little miracle resting on her lap. This year, Adoption Day offered her lots to be thanked for, and the proud mother was overjoyed that she could officially name the baby her own.

Monique believed that her tale will encourage people to love a kid in need of a home. She was aware that numerous foster children were looking for a home to call their own for the rest of their lives. The mother advised anybody thinking about adopting to take the risk and teach children that they can be deeply loved.

According to the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, their state has over 3,000 kids waiting for permanent adoption. This year, approximately 200 kids were adopted in Wayne County during Thanksgiving week—something to be grateful for.