It took falling in love with
another 70’s television titan for
this ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star to find
her sense of self againKate Jackson is perhaps most known for her role as Sabrina Duncan, one of
“Charlie’s Angels” famous trilogy. What many people do not know about
Jackson is how much she was personally struggling throughout her time on
the show.

Kate was on complete autopilot for the first three seasons of the famous70’s series. She focused only on the role and left little time for much else,including her own well-being.While fans were cheering for Sabrina on the sidelines, Jackson got nosatisfaction from her role, leaving her long days feeling unfulfilled andunhappy.This likely contributed to her … Read more

Prince Harry would give Camilla
‘long, cold glances’ she found ‘unnerving’, claims book

Prince Harry would give his stepmother Queen Consort Camilla “long, coldglances” that she found “unnerving”, a new book has claimed. Camilla’s wedding to Harry’s father King Charles in 2005, he described howhe and brother Prince William “love her to bits”. However, since then,there have been reports that Harry “can’t stand” Camilla and she couldcome in … Read more

Bill Clinton and Hillary have been married for 46 years – she
rejected him twice before saying “I do”

Bill and Hillary Clinton are one of the most influential couples in Americaand their love story is somewhat extraordinary. They have been togetherfor nearly 46 years and went through thick and thin in order to keep theirmarriage going strong.Bill has always been interested in politics, even as a teenager. Beingextremely bright and an outstanding student, … Read more

The real reason Alicia Silverstone left Hollywood

Alicia’s response to the continued disapproval wasn’t to concede to thedemands; she realized that it’s better to take time off and focus on otherinterests than subject yourself to the pain and the shame. She told VanityFair in 2018 that she chose to say ‘Hell No!’ to the body-shaming and took astep back of her own … Read more

Carly Simon tragedy: Her sisters die one day apart

Carly Simon is mourning the death of her two older sisters, Lucy andJoanna Simon, who died one day apart after both had been battling cancer.The eldest of the Simon sisters, Joanna Simon — who was a famed operasinger and an Emmy-winning TV correspondent — died Wednesday ofthyroid cancer at 85, according to Carly Simon’s manager … Read more

Carjacked 2-Year-Old Rescued by Bus Drivers

A school bus driver in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was driving his usual route when he was attacked by an angry couple. Their car was recently stolen and their 2-year-old son was still in the missing car. Bus driver Dave Skinner called 911 and left. He contacted the radio control system and alerted the other bus … Read more