It took falling in love with
another 70’s television titan for
this ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star to find
her sense of self againKate Jackson is perhaps most known for her role as Sabrina Duncan, one of
“Charlie’s Angels” famous trilogy. What many people do not know about
Jackson is how much she was personally struggling throughout her time on
the show.

Kate was on complete autopilot for the first three seasons of the famous
70’s series. She focused only on the role and left little time for much else,
including her own well-being.
While fans were cheering for Sabrina on the sidelines, Jackson got no
satisfaction from her role, leaving her long days feeling unfulfilled and
This likely contributed to her swift exit from the show, which occurred
after filming on season three wrapped up. It was those who ran the show
who decided this for the star, and she only found out while on vacation
after finishing the season.
Jackson was not necessarily surprised or bothered by the news. In 1979,
she told People:
“I guess I did cause a few problems. What it comes down to is I got tired of
them and they got tired of me. I’m glad I’ve finally been able to hang up the