Couple turns old garage into beautiful 370 sq ft home perfect for grandma

I never would have guessed that it used to be a rundown garage – it’s so charming!

There’s something really satisfying about seeing before and after results – especially when it comes to home renovations.

Just wait until you see how one couple transformed their old garage into a gorgeous tiny residence.

With some work, they managed to turn theirs into a fully-functioning “granny flat” that might inspire you to want to do the same!

In the video below, Caitlin Bigelow from Maxable gives us a tour of the gorgeous new unit, which looks nothing like the rundown building it started out as.

She explains:

“…converting your garage is the most cost-effective way to get a second rentable unit on your property.”

When Portland residents Becca and Anthony Ayon decided to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) – they turned their focus to the garage.

Homeowners have different reasons for why they want to create an ADU. Yet, according to the website Accessory Dwellings, one study found that the two most common are for extra income (through rent) or to house a relative.

Becca and Anthony were tackling their garage transformation for investment.

But as you’ll see in the photo below it was in pretty rough shape in the beginning.

Fortunately, they received assurance from a professional that it was mainly cosmetic – so they quickly got to work.

Ready to sneak a peek at the results?

It’s a 370-square-foot unit that’s equipped with all someone would need for simple (yet stylish) living.

The first thing Caitlin points out is the home’s accordion glass doors.

Although the doors can be quite costly ($7,000-$16,000), the feature adds to the “wow factor.”

With tiny living, being able to utilize the outdoors of the home is a great benefit.

Look how cute and cozy this living room is. Can you believe what it started out as?

It would be perfect for an elderly relative or guests of any age to lounge in.

The sleeping area in the home looks zen and can fit a bed large enough for two.

It wouldn’t be hard to fall fast asleep in this comfy spot!

Becca (who’s an experienced designer) incorporated vertical lines in the unit so that the eye is drawn upwards (making it seem bigger).

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Although this one isn’t very big, it’s got all the necessities!

The appliances are of a smaller size, which allows for more room.

However, with the patterned tiles and use of color, it’s a kitchen that has tons of personality.

Even the bathroom of the tiny home is stylish and beautiful.

The tiles on the ground are made up of bold colors and they extend into the shower.

In fact, there’s another really cool feature about the shower’s tile too.

Instead of there being a traditional shower drain, the water drains through the cuts in the tile. How clever is that?

Like many others, the couple has a goal of achieving financial freedom.

They chose to create their peaceful little ADU so that they could move into it, and rent out their main house.

In the YouTube video’s description, it explains:

“Becca and Anthony’s goal is to be able to pay off their property over the next 15 years. This will allow them to be mortgage-free and have the ability to scale back on their full-time jobs.”

Tiny living isn’t for everyone, but this is a unit that might make you pause and ponder making the switch!

So, do you think you’d ever consider building a granny flat or living in one yourself?

Watch the video below to get a closer look at this charming tiny house that used to be a garage!

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