Owl shows so much love to owner in 3-minute video that it gets over 36M views

Owls are often associated with wisdom and are considered symbols of protection in many cultures around the world.

Aside from that, they look so stunning and unique.

Some people might want to keep an owl as a pet, considering how beautiful they are, but owls are not recommended as pets.

They are wild animals with specific care requirements that are difficult for most people to meet, and they deserve to be able to meet them on their own in the wild.

However, different countries have different rules.

In the United States, people aren’t generally permitted to keep owls as pets. Only those who are licensed can keep owls.

Even then, it’s usually, only to foster them and later release them into the wild.

But in certain other countries, like Japan for instance, it is permissible to keep certain species of owls, on the stipulation that they were bred in captivity.

This man has a pet owl.

The Gen3 Owl Channel uploaded a 3-minute video to YouTube showing how sweet an owl can be.

Gen has a Bengal Eagle Owl.

His name is “Garu”.

Bengal Eagle Owls (Bubo bengalensis) are a species native to South Asia. They’re most known for their enormous size and distinctive appearance.

Garu has a buff-colored facial disk, a dark-colored body, and white spots on its feathers.

And his eyes are striking.

They’re likely the first thing you’ll notice. They’re big, beautiful, and downright mesmerizing.

In the said video, we see Gen’s hands slowly caressing Garu’s head.

He’s very careful when petting Garu, moving very slowly while staying mindful of Garu’s body language.

Garu returns the affection.

As he does this, we notice Garu softly nipping Gen’s hands, as if grooming him.

He moves in a little closer and gives Gen some more owl “kisses” between groomings, even allowing the kind owner to pet him.

As the video shifts to another clip, we see Garu standing on Gen’s leg, but he was really careful as he changed positions.

Garu is adorably gentle with Gen.

It’s as if he knows his strength and was trying to avoid sudden movements that could hurt his owner.

After all, owls have sharp talons that they used to catch their prey. If you’re not careful, you can really get hurt.

Both Garu and Gen looked so relaxed as they showed how much they cared for each other.

Garu’s eyes are so big, expressive, and beautiful and his feathers look so soft and stunning.ADVERTISEMENT

The people who saw this video loved it so much that it went super viral.

It currently has over 36M views.

Gen has other videos of Garu, even dating back to when he was just a small owl with fluffy feathers.

There are other videos showing Garu’s beak being trimmed, taking a shower, and even playing with his favorite stuffed toy.

Remember, owls are beautiful creatures, but having them as pets isn’t allowed, especially in certain locations.

If you want to follow Gen and Garu’s adventures, don’t forget to follow them on their YouTube channel.

As for the video?

It’s a must-watch for any animal lover out there. Especially owl lovers.

See how gentle Garu is with his owner Gen in the heartwarming video below!