Mother and son steal spotlight leaving judge to say “I’ve never seen anything quite like this”.

On America’s Got Talent, viewers are treated to a variety of unique acts. The show never runs out of surprising performances.

Some were cringy, some hilarious, but on occasion, absolutely fantastic.
Alla and Daniel Novikov took to the stage and blew everyone away with not just their insane dance skills, but with the fact that they’re a mother and son team.

Mother and son steal spotlight leaving judge to say "I've never seen anything quite like this".

Alla Novikova began her dance training at a ballroom studio called Edelweiss in Saratov, Russia. She was 9-years-old.
Novikova could not imagine her life without dance. In two years, Alla won many regional and national competitions in Russia, including the most prominent international dance competition in Moscow.

She was just 13 when she began her teaching career.

Alla married Alexander Novikov in 2006 and moved with him to America where they continued their professional dance career.

They had their first child, Daniel, in 2007. This kid inherited his parents’ skills. At only 8 years old, Daniel had a long list of dance titles under his belt.

This Russian kid was about to steal the judges’ hearts with mom by his side.

Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell were in store for a Russian surprise.

And it looks like Alla, in her beautiful pink dress, caught Simon’s eye. Then again who wouldn’t notice her.

Daniel takes care of the details, telling the audience that he is the son of this beautiful lady. Sorry, Simon.
Simon asks Daniel if dancing was what he wanted to do or if mom forced him in to it. This kid, without hesitating, says he forced her. Cheeky comeback! It made for great TV though. They love him!

After making it clear to Simon that mom is still married, they get ready to dance.

Daniel on the left, Alla to the right, both striking poses that easily give the impression that these two are no amateurs.

And when Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger” starts playing, Alla does a little salsa hip dip while Daniel spins and moonwalks across the stage.

A collective WOAH! from the crowd says it all. Daniel smiles as he executes a few ballroom steps in sync with his mom, and at this point, the judges are just stunned. Those faces!

When mother and son finally hold each other’s hands for a little ballroom blast, Heidi and Simon break in to smiles but it’s what happens next that takes it up to a whole new level.

Alla and Daniel separate before he makes for his mom, jumping up and flipping himself in the air with the help of Alla.
Daniel’s got way better moves than Jagger at this point and everybody watching knew it.

He strikes a pose with his back to the crowd, mom towering over him like the Russian beauty that she is. Awesome!

To get a standing ovation is in itself a great feeling but to have Simon applauding? Wow.

The judges are all smiles and they sing their praises for Alla and Daniel.

All four are in agreement that they have never seen anything like these two before. So naturally, the Novikovas got all four to say YES!