Nicole Kidman shares rare wedding throwback as she celebrates 16th anniversary with Keith Urban

Hollywood is filled with glitz and glamour. Along with the fame and fortune, there are also various couples who end up splitting more than those who stay together over the years.

Among the strongest couples in Hollywood are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

The power couple has been together for 16 years. Now at 55 years old, Nicole stays as in love as she was before.

Her 54-year-old husband is very much in love with her, too. The two of them can’t get enough of each other and people online are witnesses to their affection and love.

Recently, Nicole shared a throwback photo from their wedding ceremony, and fans all over the world are stoked to see this rare photo.

This power couple has been married since 2006. Their wedding took place in Australia and since their union, Nicole and Keith were blessed with two lovely girls.

Sunday Rose is now 13 years old while their youngest Faith Margaret is now 11 years old. Nicole has two children from her previous marriage with Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise. Connor is now 27 years old while Isabella is 29.

Fans were surprised to see their rare wedding photo because they did not post a lot of wedding pictures back then.

People are used to seeing a lot of photos of Nicole and Keith thru their Instagram accounts, but there were not many photos from their actual wedding day. After seeing the rare picture, fans all over the world could not help but be surprised and comment.

Nicole captioned the photo in a very short but meaningful way saying “Sweet XVI”. She then added further “Remember this like it was yesterday. Forever.”

Keith, as sweet as he is, also shared a photo of him and his wife together in honor of their special day.

Fans somehow thought that Keith would also post another wedding photo but the singer and musician posted a more recent picture of him and Nicole. They look like they are on vacation, and are having such a good time.

They still look as happy as they were in that throwback wedding photo and fans are inspired by their love story.

“You guys are the BEST celebrity couple, no contest,” a fan commented.

More comments congratulation them and wishing them the best were written on their post.

“The journey you have both shared with us is a beautiful and inspiring one. Happy Anniversary!” another commenter wrote.

Truly, this strong couple has broken stereotypes when it comes to marrying someone from the showbiz industry.

Nicole and Keith have proven again that love can last, even when you find it in Hollywood. Unlike some couples who can’t even last a month together, these two are definitely in for the long haul.

Their photos speak volumes, but their staying together and remaining in love and crazy for each other is what makes fans believe that there is true love, even in Hollywood.