Male goat escaped pen to mate with sheep and made the most adorable hybrid baby

Who doesn’t love a good petting zoo?

There are all kinds of adorable animals to interact with and learn about.

Many of these animals you are already familiar with, I’m sure.

I’m talking pigs, sheep, horses–sometimes the miniature kind–ducks, and every once in a while there’s an animal that may surprise you.

Maybe a llama or a camel.

However, what if I told you that you could visit a petting zoo in Arizona that was home to an entirely new breed of animal that you’ve never even heard of?

Sounds hard to believe, right?

Well, believe it.

My Petting Zoo is in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it is likely home to the state’s only living geep–whose name is Butterfly.

What’s a geep, you ask? Well, you’ve heard of ligers, right? They’re a crossbreed between a lion and a tiger.

And the same goes for a mule–it’s simply a cross between a horse and a donkey.

So, what’s a geep?

A geep happens when a goat successfully mates with a sheep.

The owner of My Petting Zoo, Priscilla Motola, has lots of sheep and goats. However, she was pretty surprised to find her sheep named Mama was pregnant.

Motola told reporters from USA Today that “We were not even aware that she was pregnant because we don’t have a male [sheep].”

How then, did Mama get pregnant?

Well, remember all those goats that are on the farm?

At some point, Michael the goat and Mama the sheep mated, eventually leading to Butterfly the geep.

Butterly is an adorable little thing.

Motola explained, “Basically she has baby goat feet and a baby goat face, but she has wool.”

Both the sheep and the goats on the farm eat alfalfa so it shouldn’t be too hard for Butterfly to enjoy herself.

After looking into geeps a bit more, Motola found that they are pretty rare. One reason is hybrid animals are sterile when they are born and can’t reproduce.

For example, if you wanted to have another mule on your farm, then you’d have to mate one of your horses with a donkey.

You can’t just have your mules mate because they can’t get pregnant.

It’s the same with geeps.

It turns out that Butterfly may be the only geep in all of Arizona and if you want to see her and give her a scratch or two, you can.

The Motola’s are happy to welcome little Butterly to the farm and are excited to watch her grow.

They say that Butterfly seems to be very smart and she is getting along fine with the rest of the animals.

Check out the video below to see Butterfly, the adorable baby geep!