After a heartbreaking death of their cat, the couple receives an impressive message…

When their cat, Bear, was hit by a car, a couple in the United Kingdom was devastated.

Unfortunately, the kitty died, but they had no idea that they would soon receive a note from a stranger revealing that their cat had been someone else’s friend as well.

Teddy and Bear were inseparable, and the two frequently went on adventures together.

Teddy returned home with a note attached to his collar shortly after Bear’s death.

“Dear Owner; I’m your next-door neighbor, residing in 4,” the note said. I’m also close friends with your cats, as they (2 cats) are accustomed to visiting my room on a daily basis.

However, one of them, a larger one, has been missing for two weeks. Is he all right? “I’m very concerned about him.”

The note was written by a Taiwanese exchange student who happened to be their next-door neighbor.

Bear, along with his sibling, would lighten her day because she was feeling a little lonely being so far away from home.


“We put a note back into number 4, telling that our other cat had passed away,” said Scott Ewels, one of Bear’s owners. Our email address was also supplied.”

He received a lengthy email the next day. That’s when the couple found their cat’s companion was a lonely Taiwanese exchange student. She said that she would give him a run-through of her university presentations.

“He would sit on her bed and listen,” Scott explained, “since she didn’t have anyone else to practice with.” It was incredibly lovely, and she even sent some photos of my boys that melted my heart.”