Luke Bryan invites a fan onto the stage, and this adorable little girl gives him a run for his money…

The adventure of a lifetime was bestowed to Darci Claire. The little fan, who is just seven years old, was brought on stage as a surprise by Luke Bryan, and she knows every word!

Since Darci has been a devoted follower of Luke Bryan for quite some time, her parents decided to treat her to a VIP experience at one of his concerts when they found out that his tour will take him through her hometown in Virginia.

When Darci gets Luke’s attention in this video, she immediately begins singing along with him to his song “Waves.”

You can tell that she is completely captivated by the moment. Luke is aware that she is his most devoted little fan since she is familiar with every note and every phrase. When they had finished singing the song, Luke broke into a broad smile and did something that no one was expecting him to do. He tells her, “That is very amazing. Come on up to this spot!”

During their affectionate hug, he inquires as to whether or not she is familiar with the lyrics of his number one country single “Down To One.”

Obviously, she is familiar with every phrase. She’s even rocking a yellow “Country Girl” T-shirt and boots, both of which are a reference to another one of Luke’s smash hits in the country music genre!

The audience is completely distracted by Darci’s adorable little personality and her joy at being on stage with Luke. She is not only fluent in the lyrics, but she can also get down to the beat by dancing and snapping her fingers.

Who would have thought that a charming young girl who was just seven years old would have the chance of a lifetime to perform on stage with her favorite celebrity singer?