Toddler killed in accident on dad’s farm – hundreds line the streets to pay respects to the ‘sunshine boy’

3-year-old, Albie Speakman was on his dad’s farmhouse in the Tottington locality of Walshaw, Bury, Greater Manchester, when an awful disaster struck.

Albie was said to have suffered deadly injuries after being accidentally hit by a tractor. Albie’s dad, Neil Speakman, said that he put his lad into the car after the accident and hurried him to the hospice.

Unfortunately, Albie couldn’t make it to the hospice and yielded to his serious injuries. A legal review into the heart-breaking event was opened on August 2, declaring that Albie pass away because of a skull injury.

Soon after Albie’s demise, his loved ones held a night watch at Coronation Gardens in Radcliffe in his remembrance. Individuals lit candles and released bright coloured balloons to honor him.

In a touching praise to her adored son, Albie’s mother, Leah Bridge, assured to keep going and continue sturdy. She defined her son as a remarkably affectionate, kind, and loving boy who constantly sought to make others pleased.

Albie’s mother named him a “little sunshine child” who gave with light and love in her life. She held that her little sunshine treasured to play with his friends and household and relished assembling round stuffs. She further said that she would permanently be shattered beyond repair and miss having voyages with her sunshine.

Albie’s father, Neil, defined him as his best pal and said he wouldn’t wish such a heart-wrenching heartbreak on anybody otherwise.

The devastated dad shared that he would constantly recall his lad as the cheeriest little toddler who treasured soccer and beach explorations.

Neil said that his child treasured holidays and was eager to go to Morocco in September with his family, which would have been his maiden plane trip.

Albie’s cremation took place on August 9 at East Lancashire Crematorium in Radcliffe. As per the sources, hundreds of supporters observed in quietness as Albie was taken in a horse-drawn carriage to his ultimate abode. Several saw the march from their entrances as the sunshine illuminated Albie’s carriage.

Albie’s coffer was adorned with sunflowers and earnest letters from individuals, while his hearse was decorated with a flowery order that attractively spelled out his name.