How Astrology Helps in Private Life: Instructions on How Different Zodiac Signs Behave in Love

Astrology helps to understand people and build more comfortable relationships with them based on certain patterns. In the live broadcast, together with Inna Lyubimova, we found out the features of male and female zodiac signs, looked into their compatibility and also learned why each person needs a natal chart and how knowing it affects the meeting of the other half.

Each zodiac sign has those that suit it best in psychological aspects. Inna explained the main features of each zodiac sign and suggested the most suitable for the couple.

Aries are quite active people, for whom it is important to realize themselves in a relationship. Aries girl is especially active in personal life, likes to be conquered, but on the other hand, she wants to make choices herself. It is often difficult for them to build a relationship that they will be happy with in the long run.

Aries men tend to be very assertive in relationships and prefer short-lived relationships. With Aries they are always very bright, expressive, emotional, dynamic, be prepared for that.

The way to the heart of Taurus is really through the stomach. So such men girls should often please and surprise them with their culinary masterpieces. Also Taurus men often pay attention to the girl’s appearance, how well-groomed and elegant she is. Taurus men are big fans of the classic female beauty.

Relationships with Taurus men will be quite pragmatic. These are the people who enter a long relationship, sometimes a lot of doubts about the partner, but when they meet their man, they woo very beautifully, fall in love – relationships with Taurus are always memorable.

This is a sign that loves with their ears, they need to be approached by all means through compliments, communication, common topics of conversation. It is extremely important for Gemini to be interested in each other. This sign of the zodiac to be alone is very difficult, only next to a partner they truly blossom, become more confident, active.

Male Cancer picks up a woman who is similar to his mother, but who will give him more freedom, who will be next to him and on his side in any difficulties, will always support him. The Cancer girl languishes without a relationship, she always needs someone to take care of. To find the way to the heart of Cancer – show more care, take interest in how his / her day, the well-being of your partner. You should also surprise Cancer more often with pleasant and heartwarming surprises to show that you are on the same wavelength and close in spirit.

This is a very challenging sign of the zodiac. Leo men always have extremely high expectations of a relationship, they often have their own ideal picture of the world, and they want their partner to meet their expectations. A Leo man first and foremost needs a beautiful, bright, interesting girl next to him, whose achievements he can be proud of. The Lion girl needs very beautiful, spectacular courtship, a lot of attention, she needs to be conquered more than any other sign of the zodiac.

Virgoes will appreciate practicality. They are complicated in that they always have their own list of criteria for an ideal partner. Virgo girls are very picky; nuances such as eye color or eyebrow shape can be important to them. The male Virgo also has his own list of ideal traits and qualities of his partner and is constantly checking how the girl will be a good wife: how she runs the household, how she cares, what plans she has for the future. In addition, it is very important for a male Virgo to have a good and interesting conversationalist next to him.

Libra is important for beautiful courtship, details, and it is also the sign that pays attention to the appearance, style of the partner. Libras are very simple and easy about relationships, they appreciate having like-minded people around and do not like loneliness.

To build a relationship with Scorpios is really very difficult, because Scorpio men are strong, categorical, jealous, require increased respect. When meeting a man, Scorpios pay attention to chemistry, see if there is sexual attraction. Do not immediately agree to a relationship with this man, wait for time, get to know him a little more, so you can definitely save your heart from unnecessary worries.

Female Scorpions are very sexy, charismatic, they tend to choose men who are either even more difficult than they are, or that they will be easy to break and set up for themselves. Scorpios should initially try to build positive relationships, without drama and unnecessary intrigue and showdown.

These are the most optimistic, kind people who love to laugh, make friends, but they are very mood-dependent. To build a relationship, this zodiac sign should pay attention to those with whom they have fun and have a spiritual connection. The male Sagittarius should be surprised with intelligence, readability, broad outlook. The Sagittarius girl needs a man around whom she can admire, be proud of and aspire to his level. It is Sagittarians who often build good relationships with foreigners.

Capricorn men are rather dry, verbose and unemotional, they find it hard to share their feelings and emotions. They need more time to get used to the relationship and open up. A Capricorn girl should clearly understand who she wants to see next to her, that is, keep in mind the portrait of her partner.

A male Aquarius, first of all, it is important that his friends will like the girl. The Aquarius girl can also ask to introduce her to the other half of his friends.

This is the most dreamy sign of the zodiac, its representatives are most dissolved in relationships. It is important to them that their partner is better than them, to motivate them. Pisces men love to get hurt, to worry, and they should turn off that toxic mindset more often and take their fate into their own hands.