Nothing is impossible—a girl with no legs became a famous athlete… She shares her story here!

Meet Paige Celandine, a young girl of 8 who was born without legs but has never given up.

All of this is a result of their strong parents’ determination to nurture their daughter with character from an early age.

When Paige was just 18 months old, they made the long-ago decision that she would participate in gymnastics.

Currently in fourth grade at Maysville School in Ohio is the sweet girl. She claimed in one of her interviews that her parents always made an effort to keep her fit and healthy.

She acknowledged that at first it was quite challenging for her to overcome obstacles, particularly since she didn’t have legs and was different from other competitors.

She eventually gathered her courage, overcome all of the challenges, and with that aid, achieved the pinnacle of achievement.

Paige became a well-known track and field champion as a result of her tough coaches Sean and Heidi.

Paige used to be referred to as «an vital element» of their squad, according to Esther Waibel, one of her coaches.

Everyone may then have faith in her ability and the amazing power she possesses. How on earth could such a young girl be so powerful and quick?

As she now moves from class to class on prosthetic legs, Paige maintains her fame. She excels outside of athletics, particularly on mats where she can move around without the use of any tools.

She is capable of handling anything she loves and desires to do. What a wonderful girl! Keep going; you have our admiration.

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