The waitress was fired after the guests left her $4,000 for a tip

There are stories that inspire many to do kind and generous deeds. But, unfortunately, sometimes what is conceived as an act of incredible kindness can turn into a real nightmare for its participants. That’s exactly what happened to one of the waitresses at the Oven and Tap restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas. One day, after a successful conference, employees of the local Witly business company came to this restaurant for dinner. When it was time to pay the bill, each of the businessmen present at the dinner invested a tip to the waitress in the amount of $ 100.

In fact, Witly organized and hosted an event known as the “$100 Dinner Club Challenge”, that is, the “$100 Club Dinner”. Grant Wise, founder and president of Witly, says they wanted to do something really worthwhile to thank the waiters who would serve them. As a result, at the end of the dinner, waitress Ryan Brandt received a $4,400 tip! It was a very large sum! Grant Wise said: “It was incredible and just amazing to see her reaction! I will never forget this moment and I believe that it will change her life for the better! And I really hope that this action of ours will inspire many people to organize similar “100-dollar club dinners”.

I am very grateful to everyone who helped us to leave a tip of $4,400.” What happened next? This huge sum would have to be divided between two waitresses who worked during the party. But, to their surprise, the manager said that such a large tip should be shared among all their colleagues and with the restaurant administration. Ryan Brandt, who has worked at the restaurant for more than three years, claims that she has never been asked to share her tips before. When Grant Wise found out what the restaurant administration intended to do, he demanded that the money be returned to the employees of his company, after which he personally gave it to the waitress outside the walls of the establishment.

But this turned out to be a problem. The girl was fired. What was the reason for the dismissal? The fact that she informed the client about the manager’s requirements regarding the tip section. Oven and Tap did not confirm the reason for Ryan Brandt’s dismissal, although they confirmed that the tip was returned to the visitors. It’s hard to even imagine what a disappointment everything that happened was not only for Ryan Brandt, but also for the Witly employees who organized the “$100 club dinner”! These people were just trying to brighten up the waiters’ work, and the restaurant administration ruined everything! Nevertheless, Grant Wise made this conclusion:

“Still, I really hope that we will inspire other people to be kind and generous. And I also hope that many will decide to hold similar events and try to help change someone’s life for the better.” By the way, the dismissal of Ryan Brandt did not go unnoticed by Witly employees. They organized a fundraiser to support her material well-being! Yes, we all need inspiration to do good deeds. Of course, this story will be able to give such inspiration to many people, but it is a pity that the thirst for profit spoils many people. I have all my friends!