Divers-YouTubers have already found more than 10 missing people. Grieving families are grateful to them.

Today’s story is about a group of caring like-minded people who, thanks to their hobby, were able to help many families who lost loved ones. In 2018, Oregon diver Jared Lazek decided to start using his diving skills to clean up local rivers. The man found all kinds of objects in the water, which he extracted to the surface. Lazek and like-minded people set a goal to remove 900 kilograms of garbage! And the most amazing thing is that the task was solved within 3 months. But this achievement seemed to Lazek not enough. The man began to recruit a real team of people who are passionate about diving. Lazek decided to look for underwater vehicles.

The man understood that over time, cars that are in the water begin to pollute the environment with fuel. Lazek managed to recruit a team of guys who shared his views on the world and had immersion skills. This is how the non-profit organization Adventures With Purpose and the YouTube channel of the same name appeared. The guys started buying special equipment to lift cars out of the water, as well as sonar installations that help to work at night or in muddy water. Divers posted videos of their dives on YouTube. Very soon, the adventures of the team began to gain millions of views. Somehow, the relatives of the missing young man Nathan Ashby from Missouri stumbled upon the Adventures With Purpose video.

This moment, which occurred in the fall of 2019, became a turning point in our history. The team of divers realized that they could not only clean the reservoirs of garbage, but also help people who had lost their loved ones. Adventures With Purpose had professional equipment that allowed diving to a great depth, exploring muddy waters. The family of Nathan, who went missing in the summer of 2019, turned to divers after the police could not find a car similar to the one that belonged to the guy at the bottom of Missouri. Law enforcement officers did not have enough experience and the necessary equipment to cope with the strong current of the river. Lazek immediately decided to help the unfortunate family.

He and his team went on a 32-hour trip to Missouri to find Nathan’s truck. The divers managed to complete the task! At 9 o’clock in the morning, Lazek and his friends plunged into the water, and already at 6 pm the car was on land! So they managed to help the family understand what happened to Nathan. After the successful completion of the operation, Lazek realized that he could find the cars of missing people, but also their accordingly. The next task was to find the car of a man who disappeared 12 years ago. Divers were able to find the sunken car, and the family of the deceased finally got answers to their questions. The dive video has gained 9 million views!

After another successful operation to find and retrieve the car of a missing person, a group of like-minded Adventures With Purpose decided to take up this particular direction. A very valuable specialist has appeared in the team – towing expert Doug Bishop. The men bought a mobile home and began to travel around America, unraveling the most complex cases of missing people. Lazek does not take money from families who are looking for their relatives. Adventures With Purpose is funded out of the pocket of team members, as well as through donations from people who watch the YouTube channel. For 3 years, divers were able to find 11 missing people! One of the most memorable stories can be safely called the search for the missing Tammy Goff.

A woman from Montana could not be found for almost 3 years, but then her husband Bob contacted YouTuber divers. The man asked for help in exploring the river, in which their dog was found immediately after Tammy’s disappearance. Bob for 3 years since the disappearance of his wife did not stop looking for her, only he did not have enough knowledge and equipment. So he turned to the pros for advice. Bob asked how to use the echo sounder correctly. But the Adventures With Purpose team was not limited to advice, the guys wanted to help the man in the search. Bob was rather skeptical about this proposal. He just didn’t expect that the guys would be interested in doing this. Bob was also worried that his wife would be shown crazy in the video that the team would shoot. The fact is that Tammy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But Bob’s fears were dispelled when the diving team arrived in Montana.