My daughter forgot to wish me a happy birthday. I was offended and went to the resort. I came back from there with my future husband…

For some reason, I somehow didn’t like my birthday since I was a child. For some reason, I was always very unlucky in this. But what to do? If relatives and colleagues wanted a holiday? I had to prepare. When I retired, my grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law always came to greet me.

– Larissa, will you come to me on Saturday? – Of course, let’s come! I stood at the stove for two days. She cooked a lot of food. I tried to please everyone: my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. At lunch I set the table, put on a nice dress and waited for the guests.

Late in the evening I realized that no one would come to visit me. Everyone just forgot about me. I was so sad and hurt. I called to find out my daughter: maybe something happened. It turned out that everything was fine. My daughter just forgot about my birthday.

– It’s OK. We will come tomorrow! My daughter told me. And I wanted to give them a decent amount of money. I managed to save money in two years to buy the car that my son-in-law dreamed of. But after they all forgot about my birthday, I decided to spend that money on myself. I went to a travel agency and bought a ticket to Turkey.

I quickly packed up and left that evening. How well I rested! On vacation, I met a very interesting man. Victor Stepanovich was widowed three years ago. We really liked each other. We were so good together. We returned home together. Victor Stepanovich offered me to marry him. And I agreed.

As we approached the porch of my house, we saw a photograph of me on a pole. – Maria, who is looking for you? I hope not the police? Victor Stepanovych asked in surprise. – No, it’s definitely not the police. This is probably my daughter looking for me! As we approached the porch, we met my daughter. When she saw me, she shouted all over the street:

“Mom, where have you been?” I’m already looking for you all over the city! I have already called all the penitentiaries! What are you doing? Where did you go? – I went to rest! It seems to me that I deserved it! “What were you doing?” – I could not believe what was happening Larissa. – Rested. Here, let’s meet, Victor Stepanovich. My fiancé. “Who?” – You did not hear. Come to your senses and come with us. I will give you gifts for you, son-in-law and grandchildren! I said calmly