Her mother refused to feed her, but the girl without arms and legs grew up and now she sews a bag and drives a car. VIDEO

This is a story about how a person can achieve everything if he sets a goal. Amy Brooks from Pittsburgh was born with a birth defect. During pregnancy, the fetus did not develop arms and legs. Immediately after the birth, the girl’s parents abandoned her. The mother asked the hospital staff not to bring her for feeding. But the child was lucky! There were people who did not leave her and helped to become who she is now.

Almost immediately after she was abandoned by her parents, the girl was adopted by the Brooks family. As Amy later admitted, doctors did not expect that she would become full-fledged and independent. But the adoptive parents refused to accept it, and did everything for children. It was they who motivated her to get better.

Of course, she did not succeed easily the first time. At first it was difficult, but over the years it has found the long-awaited independence of the towers of the harsh realities of the outside world. And now an adult woman is even learning to drive a car.

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She understands that she can’t do everything the way other people do. But that doesn’t stop her, it only motivates her. Amy is sure that she can handle everything, just differently than others.

What does Amy Brooks do for a living
The woman runs her own YouTube channel called “How Does She Do It?” Subscribers there can see how she copes with everyday affairs without arms and legs. Amy herself admits that it is not easy for her to cope with the camera.

But she does it for those who need her support. Because there are still many people in the world with birth defects who just need motivation.

The woman creates her own videos, without the help of other people. She adjusts the equipment and records videos. To do this, use your chin, mouth and shoulders.

She also says that she likes to take photos, but does not consider herself a professional photographer. He receives dozens of comments on social media pages every day. There are also negative ones, but most of them are positive, with words of support.

As Amy herself admits, her greatest achievement is that she learned to sew. She, like others, overcame this challenge. Amy sews bags, which she then sells through social media.

Her parents dreamed of the girl becoming independent and self-sufficient. But they could not have imagined that she would succeed.

Amy’s mother admits that she only wanted to not be tied to a chair. Therefore, the complete independence of an adult woman with a disability came as a pleasant surprise to her.