Mom thinks she is in trouble with cop but never expected the officer’s heartwarming actions.

It can be very nerve-racking to see a cop’s lights in your rearview mirror.
Speeding, tailgating, expired plates, or broken headlights, these cases warrant fines that can blow holes into our holiday savings.

It is true that these laws are in place to make our streets safe, but it’s not all the time that these infractions are done on purpose.

Sometimes people in trouble don’t ask much other than compassion and understanding.

And most of the time, if not always, these acts of kindness are everything they need to hold onto hope.

Corporal Joe Daugherty of the Nixa Police Department went out on patrol during the Christmas season.

But this time, it was a little different. Instead of tickets, he had mugs and gift cards in his cruiser.

Instead of wheel clamps, he had bags and bags of newly bought Christmas toys.

Instead of a partner, he was driving with a bank representative who was filming the evening’s patrol.

The mission was simple: Go out on the streets and flag down traffic violators. Or at least, that’s what the motorists of Nixa think is going to happen.

Not much time passed before he spotted his first offender.
As Corporal Daugherty glanced up to his rearview mirror, he saw a vehicle tailing them way too close.

He flagged down the car to which the driver complied readily. The woman behind the wheel thought she was going to get a ticket.

But instead, Corporal Daugherty just gave her a warning and an important reminder of why we should be mindful of tailgating.

Then, he asked the driver for something else.
He told them that they could leave now but they can also stay for a minute for a treat.

The woman obliged the officer especially when he said that the department wanted to give her daughter something for Christmas.

The unsuspecting driver beamed when he asked the little girl to pick whichever toy she wanted from two big bags. What they thought would end as a routine traffic stop turned out to be a gift for the community.

The next driver he flagged had expired license plates.
But instead of a ticket, he got a free mug and a gift card to Starbucks.

He even joked to Daugherty that his fiancé wouldn’t believe him if he told her that he got flagged down but all he got was a reminder and a coffee treat.

The surprise encounters led to glowing smiles.

Then, Corporal Daugherty drove around the neighborhood.
He stopped by parking lots where he surprised kids and their parents with Christmas gifts.

He encountered a kid who couldn’t contain her excitement for Mickey and two kids who picked out really cool Nerf guns.

All of them are so elated with the treat but they never forgot to thank the officer.

One of them even told him, “You’re a good cop, you know that?” which took Daugherty by surprise.

One encounter really pulled on his heartstrings.
He stopped a red Pontiac Grand Prix, which didn’t have a plate. He pulled over the driver and informed her of the issue.

The driver was honest, though, and complied readily when she was asked.

But instead of a ticket, she received something else entirely.

She carried her little girl to the back of the police cruiser where the officer offered her toys. All of a sudden, the mom began to cry.

The random act of kindness was enough to make her open up about their situation.

She told them that she couldn’t even afford Christmas and that her kids wouldn’t be receiving gifts that year.

Daugherty responded quickly by asking her daughter not to get one but two toys.

The mother couldn’t hold back her tears.
It is moments like these that prove acts of compassion and understanding can mean the world to others.

After the encounter, Daughtery also admitted that he choked up a bit. And we don’t blame him.

When we take the time to be kind to one another, our hearts will be quickly filled with love.

Love so sincere that it can make a grown man cry.

It’s one of those stories that reminds you of the true meaning of Christmas – which is why it’s perfect for this time of year.

Press play on the video below to see the kind-hearted officer pass out gifts instead of traffic tickets!