Hero kitty kept meowing loudly, at first, the neighbors just thought the cat was being annoying…until they went to investigate.

Just when you think cats are opportunistic beasties who will jump at the chance to eat your eyeballs if you sleep more than 10 hours in a row…

Here’s a story that might convince you they actually do have big hearts filled with love and empathy!

An 83-year-old woman in Cornwall, England is in good hands thanks to a very persistent black moggy named Piran, who wouldn’t stop meowing until the whole neighborhood paid him heed.

Normally when you hear a male cat tootin’ in the middle of the day, you might be tempted to ignore him.
Because in all likelihood, he’s either calling in some female support to do things we don’t want to think about. Or, he’s just trying to get you to feel sorry for him so you’ll break out the good cans of tuna – and that’s when he’s got you!

But it turns out that Piran’s meows were an attempt to alert someone, anyone, that his elderly owner had gone missing!
Aside from the woman’s pet cat, the 83-year-old’s carer was the first person to notice that the senior wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Eleanor Richards, Bodmin Police community support officer, explained to Newsweek, “We were initially called by the female’s carer, who reported her as missing.”

Search and rescue did their best to locate the woman, but Piran had already done all the hard work. If only they would listen!

That’s when one of the neighbors finally spotted him hovering “in the top corner of a large field near her property.”

Those large fields were actually hiding a secret.
And no, it wasn’t one of those fancy secret garden types of secrets you see in books or movies. It was more like the pit of despair from The Princess Bride.

The property is home to many hidden ravines, and Piran’s owner had taken a tumble down a real whopper that was about 70 feet of steep terror.
The hero cat knew exactly where she was, and wouldn’t stop yowling until rescuers finally peeked through the hedgerow. That’s when the team finally heard the senior woman’s cries for help!

Thanks to Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, Cornwall Air Ambulance, and SWAST, Piran’s owner was hoisted back up to level ground via a rescue line before being placed on a stretcher.

From there, she was immediately transported to the hospital via air ambulance.

Kudos to the team who helped save this woman’s life, but when you really think about it, this king cat was responsible for saving the day. Had it not been for Piran’s care and attentiveness, his owner would probably be in a lot worse shape.
“Cornwall is a fairly rural county, so it is not unusual for us to get called to individuals who may need assistance and access is tricky,” Richards told Newsweek.

“I can’t say that we’ve ever had assistance from a feline though.… That’s a first!” she added.