Cow who lost all her babies protects newborn in very smart way, but will it work forever?

A mother will do anything to keep their baby safe. And a rescued cow named Clarabelle is no exception to this rule.

Clarabelle is a dairy cow who was rescued and brought to Edgar’s Mission. This beautiful farm sanctuary in Australia has over 153 acres of land for their rescue animals. These animals who have been through so much can relax and enjoy their lives here.

Unfortunately, some animals are so scarred from their past that they don’t realize they’re now safe.

Clarabelle is one of these animals with emotional scars. She’s a cow with a heartbreaking past.

The organization saved Clarabelle from a dairy farm where she was about to be slaughtered for low milk production. It was just in time too, as she was only hours away from meeting the dark fate.

What volunteers didn’t know at the time is that the cow was pregnant, which they discovered after getting her back to the sanctuary. Turns out, Clarabelle had given birth before, but she always had the calf taken from her.

About a week before she was expected to give birth, rescuers noticed Clarabelle wasn’t acting like herself. Typically she’s a cow that would be eager for mealtime.

However, on that particular day, she stayed back. She walked on the grounds instead, seeming apprehensive.

They decided to look into what was going on. Clarabelle’s behavior was peculiar enough for some investigating. It seemed like the cow might be hiding a “secret” on the property, so they began searching around.

Eventually, the truth was discovered. When the rescuers looked out into the field they didn’t see anything unusual.

So, they searched a little deeper on the property – and eventually, they found Clarabelle’s precious baby hidden underneath some tall grass.

Interestingly though, it didn’t appear that the cow had given birth that day. The calf was dry and clean, meaning Clarabelle had been caring for the baby and purposely keeping her out of sight.

Clarabelle had been hiding the baby for a couple of days.

Since she was used to having farmers take her babies, it’s believed that mama Clarabelle was fearful it would happen again. So, she hid the calf to keep it safe and for herself.

According to The Dodo, cows have “deep maternal instincts.” They’re also known for having excellent memories too. The Jersey cow had already experienced what it was like to lose babies in the past – but this time, she had the chance to try and protect her little one.

On the PETA website, they share some fascinating information about cows.

“These gentle giants mourn the deaths of and even separation from those they love, sometimes shedding tears over their loss. The mother/calf bond is particularly strong, and there are countless reports of mother cows who continue to call and search frantically for their babies after the calves have been taken away…”

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