That day I was home alone, my husband was at work, and suddenly my husband’s brother came into my room and suggested something in the middle of the night that made me feel very ashamed.

A few days ago something happened to me that now I can’t look at my husband’s face, I feel terribly guilty. Recently, I noticed that if my husband was asleep or not at home, his brother would start gambling.

I was working late that day, and I noticed him gambling again.

I followed him for a long time and make a video of him gambling. Then I said to him, “Aren’t you ashamed you have no work, you ask money from us and you are gambling, shame on you.
He said, let’s say I’m gamblin, who are you to say me what to do?

I got very angry at him and went to tell my husband everything. He realized that and offered me money. He said ”I won last night and I have money, I can give you some, but you must tell no one about this.” I agreed, but now I think I did worng and I feel guilty.