A few years ago something happened to me that changed my whole life. I hope nobody will be in my situation ever

I am 25 years old now, there is nothing left of the bright and perky girl. For several years now, whoever sees me, does not recognize me and is surprised at how much I have changed.

It all happened three years ago, when I was coming home from work in the evening. I was walking alone with my headphones on on an almost empty street, and as I turned into an intersection, a very strange and scary man appeared in front of me. He was tall, with a twisted face and unusual clothes. He was looking at me intently from afar, as if he already knew that I should turn around and go that way.

I was so scared that, at that moment, I didn’t know what to do or how to get out of that situation. Involuntarily I screamed loudly and ran, panting. I didn’t even realize where I was going, so I changed direction and ran down an unfamiliar street. I prayed that someone would see me and save me from this man, because he was running after me.

I saw an open gate and quickly hid there until he came and passed me. although I was shaking with fear and thought that maybe he saw where I was hiding, but in fact he did not, he passed me slowly. I was afraid to leave there for a long time, but I went into someone else’s yard, and I couldn’t stay there for long. I called my brother and somehow explained where I was, and luckily he came and found me and took me home.

After this incident I am afraid to meet anyone, everyone is strange and frightening to me, I don’t trust anyone anymore, and the worst thing is that I don’t even go out of the house alone. My brother even accompanies me to work, and in the evening he waits until I come out and we go home together. After this incident, my life has become hell, I see this man in my dreams, I fall asleep and wake up with fear, and I cannot forget that damned day‚Ķ