Lee Collinson brings “Better Days” to America’s Got Talent

“The dream is to make music whether that’s a studio, whether that’s touring, or singing. I just want to be able to quit my day job and just do music.” A powerful quote from 21-year-old Lee Collinson, who performed a beautiful rendition of “Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy.

Following an emotional FaceTime call with his mom, the 21-year-old fencer from England would make his first outing to the United States noteworthy by performing on America’s Got Talent and cherishing the country’s food.

Keeping his family conscious back home in England, Lee Collinson immediately got a handle on the consideration of the ability show’s stalwart judges prior to wrestling with the track’s strong message of expectation for a superior tomorrow.

Rapidly, Lee Collinson would have AGT’s crowd behind him as cheers overflowed the theater, making a magnificently lovely backdrop for the youthful entertainer to relax within as he moved in the sun of “More promising times.”

Crowd individuals should have been visible with tears as judge Simon Cowell drove the show’s other four judges in an emotional wildly energetic applause, shocking Lee Collinson as he took in the involvement with front of him.

An emotional performance would be trailed by a tomfoolery and fun loving discussion with AGT’s judges as they would persuade Lee Collinson to FaceTime, his mom, where comicalness would go on as Simon would joke that Lee’s performance was “terrible.”

The emotional FaceTime call would end with each of the four judges telling Lee Collinson’s mom that her child wouldn’t be returning home right now as he would have more music to act before very long.