Farmers At Auction Remains Silent So That Young Man Can Get His Family Farm Back.

Farms, just like any family business, can be passed from generation to generation. In Nebraska, David’s family has been farmers for decades, inheriting the land from their ancestors. But one day, there was a decision made to sell what should have been David’s land to a distant relative, one who didn’t really have the family’s best interest at heart.

But David dreamed of one day getting that property back. And then, something interesting happened. That 80 acres of land was going on the auction block. And now David had his chance. Only thing is, he’d be up against some pretty stiff competition, like about 200 farmers who were looking to get some good land themselves.

David and his dad decided they would just do the best they could with it, even though chances were slim to none that they would be able to regain any of the land. So when that land came up for bidding, David and his dad immediately made a bid, and they held their breath, because they just KNEW someone was gonna bid higher. And they waited. And the room was silent. And they looked around, shocked that no one was putting in a higher bid. Even the auctioneer himself was taken aback by it. And the bid went once, twice, and ..BOOM.. sold to David and his dad. The father and son were completely amazed they got that land back.

Now, what they didn’t know at the time, was that every single farmer there who was bidding KNEW about David’s land, and about how it should rightfully be his. Call it a farmer’s code. A code of ethics to always do the right thing. And on that day… that very special day for David and his dad… all those farmers DID the right thing.