My husband told me he would go for shopping, and I was happy that he shared my worries. Yesterday I saw the store clerk, my life turned upside down, everything became completely clear.

My husband had never been interested in household chores. It always turned out that I was alone with family worries and I wasn’t used to having someone to share my worries.

But these past few months there were some very interesting changes in our home. My husband insisted all day long that he would go for shopping, saying that I was already too tired and I didn’t need to do it alone.

I was glad that he appreciated me. But that day, when I walked into our neighborhood store without telling my husband, everything became clear.

So, this woman was pregnant, and she came up and said: “I was looking for you too, aren’t you John’s wife?” I confirmed, she said she had been wanting to tell me for five months that my husband had cheated on me, promised to marry her, and now she had just disappeared, knowing she was pregnant.