I was in a relationship with a rich grandpa, I wanted to take the property from him. but her son did this and made me go home crying

What can I say, I had big plans, but in a few minutes, they disappeared. I thought that I could take over the money of a rich man, go and live peacefully for myself, but everything is not so easy, as I thought.

Now, when everything was wasted I don’t know how I will look people in the eyes after this. It all started when my friend told me that she received a lot of money from her old boss making love with him.

I thought, why not, I also can become mistress for a rich grandpa, so that I can get away from him sooner, and I will make the money myself. I will take whatever I want for myself, and I will also go to rest. My friend introduced me to someone, he is a rich businessman, owner of estates, millionaire. I immediately attracted his attention. But I didn’t know that he also has a son.

We were together for a couple of months, then I found out about the son. The he also found out about me. He came, took me, locked me in a garage, I was thirsty and left without food and water, my life passed by. Then he came, told me to never ever contact with his father and let me go, I reached home crying. In fact, everything was wasted, and I was left empty-handed.