I am a teacher. One day I noticed that one of my students was sitting sad. I approached her after the class, asked questions and was so moved by her story that I couldn’t hold back my tears. look what I did next

I am a teacher, I work in a school. I took the 4th grade and loved my class very much. I am a specialist in mathematics and I try to do everything so that my children love and understand the subject.

I am very attentive to children and I try to help them in everything outside of class. I love everyone like my own child. I have ONE student, she is a very good student, she is smart and I see that she has a complete understanding of mathematics. Once during the lesson, I noticed that she was thinking, sad and not even listening to the lesson. I called her after the class and asked her what happened, why she was not in the mood. Somehow, holding back tears, she told that she misses her mother a lot, because her mother works from morning until dawn. She works in two places, goes to the bakery at night, cleans during the day.

She told that her father has been abroad for a long time, and her mother is very beautiful and smart, but she is struggling to take care of her and her brother. Shee was upset, she also said, “I’m already a big girl, but Mama doesn’t let me help her.” I was very impressed by the story of the child and decided to ask my acquaintances to find a suitable job for his mother. I called her mother to talk, it turned out that she has a profession, she is an artist, but she doesn’t work with her profession because she doesn’t know where she can work. My friend said that there is a children’s center where they want an art teacher, and I suggested her. Now the mother works and earns more money than if she worked at two places during the day and night. My student is not upset either and I am sure that she will study better this year.