I was taken to a nursing home, I fell in love with a woman there, then I decided to live with her. But when my daughter found out, look what she did to me

In my old age, I felt very few times that I was truly loved by my children.

But in my youth, when I did everything for them, I would never have thought that I would end up like this, that my children would take me to a nursing home.

But now I understand that everything is possible in this life.
That’s why I am not surprised, that all my children live in houses created due to my work, but I am in a nursing home.

In the nursing home, I met a wonderful, caring woman with the same fate as mine.

I asked her to live together, to get out of this shameful place, take care of each other until old age.

But in fact, my daughter found out about it. She came to the nursing home, started a fight, and told me to collect my clothes. She would take me to another nursing house.