Ivanka Trump shares real reason why she won’t be a part of Donald Trump’s White House bid for 2024

Ivanka Trump has been working with her father for many years. She became a crucial part of negotiating deals with Donald Trump, and as he took office, his eldest daughter was, of course, getting a role within his organization.

Ivanka is a mother of three, living a posh life in Florida with her husband, Jared Kushner, in Miami. But for the Trump family, the dream of another term at the White House might come true as the former president announced that he’s running for office in 2024.

But not everyone seems to be in on it. As Donald made the announcement, Ivanka made a pretty surprising statement that she won’t be a part of it.

Ivanka Trump is undoubtedly used to the spotlight. All her life, her father has been a famous businessman and a TV personality. Most recently, of course, he served as the 45th president of the United States.

With high standards in the family, Ivanka and her siblings attended great schools, then went on to forge their careers inside the mighty Trump empire.

Ivanka has pretty much done it all, everything from modeling to creating her brands. However, she now stands at a crossroads. Having been an advisor in the White House, the question is, what will she do in the future?

At the same time as handling her professional career, Ivanka is also married to her husband, Jared Kushner, and is raising her children. Still, it feels like much more will come from her in the future.

Ivanka has been very close to her father throughout her life. She worked alongside her father at the White House – however, that will never happen again.

As Donald Trump announced that he’s running for Office in 2024, Ivanka is running the opposite way, not wanting to be a part of it at all.

By 16, Ivanka Trump had already created her career. The plan, which goes for all of Donald Trump’s children, seems always to be leading toward the Trump empire. But as Ivanka wanted to earn her own money as a teenager, while studying at the elite school of Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut, she became a model.

She first became a model for Versace, and in 1997, Ivanka appeared on the cover of the magazine Seventeen. She was featured in Elle magazine and a co-host on the Miss Teen USA 1997 pageant. Like many other industries, the modeling business can be ruthless, and Ivanka decided she was done. Instead, she turned towards the family business. Even in her school days, she knew that real estate was something she liked.

Ivanka Trump went on to study at Georgetown University for two years. She then transferred to Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and, in 2004, got her B.A in economics.

Following her graduation, Ivanka started working for billionaire developer Bruce Ratner. Only a year later, she left to enter the family business.

At that point, both her father and producer Mark Burnett wanted her to appear on The Apprentice. Initially, she was sure it wasn’t something for her. But eventually, she gave in.

“I knew that for ‘Trump’ to be sustainable, it couldn’t just be about my father,” she said. “It has to be about us as a family in some broader context, and the vehicle for that is shows like The Apprentice. That’s why I did it.”

At the same time as her professional career started, Ivanka Trump also left her boyfriend, James Gubelmann. She quickly became Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization.

At a networking lunch in 2007, she met her husband, Jared Kushner. They started dating, and in 2009, the couple tied the knot at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

Ivanka may not have been hiding many things from her father, but she always kept one big secret. When she had boyfriends, she never introduced them to Donald Trump: it was like they didn’t exist.

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