Marla Maples says ex-husband Donald Trump planned to run for president for 20 years

Marla Maples was married to Donald Trump through the 1990s. The pair share a daughter, Tiffany Trump, but since their, Marla has very much stayed out of the spotlight.

Maples has been seen by her daughter’s side plenty of times, but there haven’t been many occasions where she’s spoken about her former husband. However, she did once, admitting that Donald had set his sights on the White House way earlier than 2016.

So what is Marla Maples doing today? Here’s all you need to now about her!

The family of Donald Trump have been in the spotlight for decades. It all started with his father, and businessman, Fred Trump starting the real estate company Elizabeth Trump and Son.

When Donald’s brother, Fred Jr, didn’t want a part of it, Donald took charge. When he became president of the company, he started using “The Trump Organization” as a part of the umbrella brand.

Since then, Donald Trump has become a billionaire, as well as a multi-time father. There’ve been several scandals throughout his career, and but through them all, together with three different wives, he’s raised five children.

Barron Trump – who will turns 15 in March, 2021 – is still a kid, but Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany have all started their own careers in different fields.

Donald Trump got married for the first time in 1977, when he married Ivana Trump. However, his second wife, Marla Maples, is the one who really hasn’t shown herself in the spotlight to date, and so perhaps people don’t know all that much about her.

Suffice to say when she and Donald met, it was in a rather controversial way.

Only a couple of years ago, she decided to speak out about Donald Trump’s presidency, as well as revealing several details of their joint plan for the future in the 1990s.

So who was Marla Maples? And what is she doing today?

This is all you need to know!

Marla Maples met Donald Trump around the same time that his first marriage was crashing down around him.

She was born on October 27, 1963 in Cohutta, Georgia, and described her childhood as being “storybook-perfect”. Maples had a great upbringing, and she got plenty of attention because of her looks. She was so pretty that in high school, she was elected homecoming queen.

Not only that, but Maples was very much into sports, winning the Hustle Award for her basketball performances and going on to graduate with academic honors.

Marla Maples was an exceedingly smart young lady, and began studying for her marketing degree at the University of Georgia in 1981. However, after two and a half years, she decided to quit. Speaking to Variety in 1990, Maples said she was burned out because of her high ambitions.

She was being pressured to be perfect, get top grades, play plenty of sports, look beautiful all the time, and pursue a full-time social life combined with a modeling career.

“I wanted to be on top at each level,” Maples said.

All that certainly seems like a lot to juggle. It might be that Maples made the best decision in quitting school. No matter how flashy things may appear, nothing is worth sacrificing your well-being over simply because you always want to be perfect.

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