Rescuers Spot Tiny Puppy Crossing Busy Road And Know Just What To Do

As she drove through the streets of Mexico, dog rescuer Lauren Botticelli’s heart almost stopped when she spotted someone small nearing a dangerous road.

A tiny black puppy was about to stumble into traffic.

“He was on the side of a very busy street full of large trucks and speeding cars and was thinking of crossing when we drove by and saw him,” Botticelli told The Dodo. “Our entire van saw him at almost the same time … We all looked at each other and knew. I was driving and immediately pulled over.”

Though the puppy had never met them before, as soon as he saw his rescuers, he immediately knew they were there to help.

“He happily ran over to my arms,” Botticelli said.

Botticelli noticed a rope tied around the puppy’s neck that had either been cut or chewed. She searched for anyone that might be his owner but couldn’t find them. Meanwhile, the puppy, later named Binx, was on his best behavior. He gleefully joined Botticelli and her crew in their car and was eventually taken to the United States, where The Animal Pad got to work finding him a foster home.

“He has been the best little puppy ever since,” Botticelli said. “Almost like he knew he was saved and was grateful.”

You can watch Binx’s rescue here:

Binx is currently enjoying life at home with his foster mom in Los Angeles, where his playful, good-natured personality has continued to shine.

“His foster mom says he’s very smart,” Botticelli said. “He loves learning new commands and is eager to please. He’s a social butterfly, and his time on the street has made him fearless. He loves the company of other dogs, too!”

After a few weeks in foster care, Binx will be available for adoption and will find his permanent family.

Though Binx once had to fend for himself, from now on, Binx will always have someone nearby making sure he’s safe.