After Mom Saves 20 Kids From Burning Bus, Ellen Refuses To Accept She Lives Paycheck-To-Paycheck

It’s very common for parents to be nervous the first time they send their children off to school. Even the most relaxed parents feel their nerves jump on that first day.

If you aren’t a parent who does drop off for your child, waving goodbye to that yellow school bus can be all the more nerve-wracking.
Having your child on a large moving vehicle with someone you don’t know very well at the helm is often a difficult thing to get used to the first few days

Bus drivers are some of the most dedicated and hard-working drivers on the road. They know very well how precious the “cargo” they have to transport is, with the adorable little ones peeking over the leather seats just behind them. Bus drivers like Renita Smith show just how far above-and-beyond the drivers go for the kiddos.

Renita told her story on The Ellen Show and how she has been a bus driver for 9 years, and she’s definitely found her calling.

She is so dedicated to her job, she told Ellen:

“they’re my babies until I give them back to you.”

Renita Smith thought the day would be just like any other. She had just made her third stop when she happened to see that one of the brake lights on the bus had flashed on. She wasn’t overly concerned because the brakes were working fine, so she continued on to the next stop.
Moments later, Renita smelled smoke coming from the back of the bus. She immediately pulled the bus over, picking up her microphone to call for backup transportation. Before she could even radio, she realized that the back of the bus was on fire.

The kids lined up and Renita quickly and calmly got them off the bus. However, what she did next made her a hero. She knew in her soul that she had to make sure every child was off the bus, that no child might have been hiding because they were scared.

Renita ran to the back of the bus to check every seat to make sure every single one of her “babies” made it off safely