Kurt Russell Said He Put His ‘Worst Foot Forward’ Just before Dating Goldie Hawn

n an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in 2020, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn went down memory lane on how they met on the set of the 1966 musical film “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.” When asked if there was a first impression, Hawn shared:

“I think for me, I mean, he was way too young to me. I was dating older guys in my twenties.”

(L) Actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell pose for a portrait while shooting the movie

As for her longtime partner Russell, the actor said: “I was only like fifteen years old. I didn’t even have a car. I didn’t have a license.” While the pair could not date, they crossed paths again years later.

Hawn and Russell were reunited in the 1983 film, both were divorced, and neither was looking for love. Russell, 70, divulged his stance on romance back then:

“When I met Goldie, I was at a time in my life where I was going to put my worst foot forward when it came to any kind of relationship.”

However, his significant other calmly disagreed with that statement: “I would say if you had done that with me, I wouldn’t be with you today.”

Still, Russell assured her that he did put his worst foot forward because when he met her, the star was hungover, and that is how he clarified his point, adding:

“Well, I didn’t try to put my best foot forward because it’s a hard thing to hold up. Once you’ve done that, now you’ve established something that you set a bar you can’t stay with.”

The couple laughed it off while the actress stated that he was confusing her with the concept but shared that when they met, Russell was fun.

When coming to their work on-screen, the couple was asked if whether they guide one another in terms of the roles they choose or if they discuss it at all. Hawn answered, saying they rarely do that, and praised Russell for his success with his movie roles.

On the other end, Hawn broke down barriers and succeeded in producing, directing, and acting when many women did not. When asked if she got many rejections along the way, she said no.

On their first encounter, Russell revealed that when he met Hawn for the first time, he told her that she had a good figure, and the 76-year-old blond was surprisingly flattered by the compliment. The duo has been together for nearly forty years since.

In December 2020, during an interview with People, the pair were asked what attracted them to each other when they met. “Really, handsome,” is how Hawn described her partner of three decades.

But she mentioned that it was not love at first sight for her and instead shared what she loved about him was the fact that he loved children, “and we’re aligned that way.” But then, as time progressed, Hawn got to know him better and then started falling for him.

As for Russell, he was impressed by the Academy Award winner. He shared that he was visually attracted to her while echoing that they did discover that they had a lot of things in common during that time. Hawn chimed in and said:

“And obviously, there is a chemical attraction, and I think it’s how it goes when people are lucky.”

While they both vowed never to date other actors, the two ended up together and went on their first date one night after work when filming “Swing Shift.”

The former child star took Hawn to The Playboy Club, where he shared they conversed for hours. Later, the lovebirds continued the fun at a house the “Snatched” star had purchased.

That evening, their time together was eventful enough because they had to break in, seeing Hawn did not have the key yet. The police came in but did not ruin their date because the couple spent the rest of their night at a hotel.

In 1986, Hawn and Russell welcomed their first child together, son Wyatt Russell. A year later, they co-starred in their iconic rom-com “Overboard.”

Hawn has previously revealed that she and her love do not watch their movies but made an exception with this one. She told TV host James Corden that watching the film together helped trigger a memory:

“You know how sometimes you forget why you fell in love? I remembered everything and why I fell in love. It was really something to be able to watch that.”

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