Miranda Lambert Turns 39 — She Embraces Her Role as Stepmom Yet Is ‘Trying’ for a Baby with NYPD Officer Husband

Miranda Lambert and her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, had a messy divorce, and the singer couldn’t hold back tears onstage.
Now, she has started a new chapter with her new spouse.
This year might also possibly be the last holiday before she has a child of her own.
Happy birthday, Miranda Lambert! The country singer and songwriter turns 39 years old today. For a while, the musician was in a tough situation after she and her ex-husband, the country singer Blake Shelton, decided to divorce.

Right after the divorce, Lambert lost her composure during a show in Tinley Park, Illinois. When she sang the song “Over You,” the memories and pain became too much, and she had to wipe away tears. In the end, she had to ask the crowd to help finish the song.

Miranda had co-written “Over You” with Shelton in 2012. The song was for his brother, who had died in a car crash. Later during the Tinley Park show, the crowd could see she was also having trouble getting through her hit song, “The House That Built Me.”

During Lambert and Shelton’s separation, the “Somethin’ Bad” singer revealed that she was not doing very well. The two had been together since 2006 and married in 2011. Unfortunately, they decided to break it off in 2015. During the separation, Lambert commented:

“I’m not sunshine and roses. Blake’s the happiest person on the planet. He pulls me out of my darkness… Literally, everything is the best about being married.”

In a joint interview, the two admitted they never planned on this outcome. They said it was painful for them both but confessed it was for the best. The divorce hasn’t been easy on either of the two, but luckily they each found someone to see them through the painful time after the split.

The Road to Recovery
In November 2018, Lambert met Brendan McLoughlin at a show she did for “Good Morning America.” McLoughlin was posted as security for the venue, and the two met after the performance. They hit it off and started dating soon after.

She opened up about her marriage, saying she has reached a point where she doesn’t care about what people say anymore.
Like Lambert, McLoughlin also had a rocky history regarding his romantic relationships. The NYPD police officer was engaged before he met Lambert, and he shares a son with another woman. However, despite their past relationships, Lambert and McLoughlin are on cloud nine together.

After Lambert and McLoughlin dated for about three months, the two decided to tie the knot. They did so very quietly without letting anyone except their closest relatives know. When the news broke, it caught all everyone off guard. Lambert commented on her marriage:

“It’s like some kind of Hallmark movie or something. The redneck from Texas meets this beautiful NYPD officer on the street in New York, but it actually happened that way.”

The country star also mentioned that she loves being a stepmother to McLoughlin’s son, Landon. Besides the young boy, Lambert also has a whole brood of pups, and the couple has recently shared that they are planning on having more children.

After three years together, the country musician and her ex-police officer husband shared their plan to expand their household with another baby. Spending time with McLoughlin’s son has only intensified Lambert’s hope to have her own children. She commented that she’s “loving that whole phase.”

After her divorce, Lambert was in a series of short-lived relationships, which drew the attention of many tabloids. After a long time of being unhappy in relationships and working through the pain of her divorce, the singer has finally found someone she’s happy to settle down with.

She opened up about her marriage, saying she has reached a point where she doesn’t care about what people say anymore. She has realized that she should just be herself. That’s also why she loves her husband so much. He loves her for who she is, and that’s what she is looking for. She commented:

“I just care that I’m being me. He jumped right into this lifestyle — there’s a learning curve taking a New Yorker straight to the woods — but it was a big laugh. It’s nice to have a partner in that, someone by your side that supports you, loves you and believes in you.”