A Student is Given A Biography To Read Aloud About A Special Guest. When She Looks Up, She Recognizes Her Soldier Father

the line to serve their country. Their families end up making sacrifices as well, as they have to be separated from their loved ones for months at a time, oftentimes without knowing if the person they love is safe or not.

Haley Webb is an 8th grader who knows about this kind of sacrifice all too well. Her father is a soldier who had been deployed for months when it came time for Haley to perform with her classmates at Bingham Middle School in Missouri in a special Veteran’s Day performance. When Haley took the stage to play the flute, she had no idea that a very special guest was there to see her.

After Haley and the rest of the band finished their performance, she was given a piece of paper as she walked up to the podium. As she began reading off the paper, she realized that it was listing off the achievements of the special guest. As she reached the end of the speech, Haley looked up and saw what was happening right in front of her that had her tearing up in front of her whole school.

Haley continued to cry as she realized her teachers had set up such a huge surprise for her. The audience was both shocked and touched by what was happening, and before long, many of them were crying as well.