People confused after just finding out why Italians don’t serve their pizza sliced

Social media users are admitting to be stunned after realizing the reasons why Italians don’t serve their pizza sliced.

Have you ever wondered why, if you go to an authentic Italian restaurant, the pizza you order isn’t sliced?

No? You haven’t? Well, I’m going to let you know why anyway, so there.

If you do pay attention to your food stuffs, you would notice the clear differences between American-style pizza and Italian pizza.

How they are prepared, ingredients used, toppings used can often be the bigger differences between the two types of pizza.

However, some social media users are admitting to never knowing the reason why Italians traditionally don’t tend to slice their pizza into segments when serving it.

Personally, i don’t tend to ask these kind of questions, because… well, pizza is pizza.

Have you ever wondered why if you go to an authentic Italian restaurant the pizza you order isn’t sliced?


But for those that are curious, the general consensus is down to the attitudes towards food.

For many, pizza is the peak of fast food, a good pizza can really round off an evening. It being cut into slices just makes the whole event easier – you can comfortably share, no need to use utensils and you can even eat it with your hands. Job done.

However, in Italy, and by extension restaurants that maintain the same attitude, the pizza is served whole for a much more appealing look. In addition to this, the pizza pie doesn’t cool off as quickly.

When the pie isn’t precut the individual can then use their knife and fork to tuck in, so yeah, less of eating with your hands.

A good pizza is considered less of a fast-food meal but more of an experience.

TikTok user Mireya Rios admitted she was confused about the whole thing in a video she posted on her page, with many of her followers admitting the same.

A good pizza is considered less of a fast-food meal but more of an experience.

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Some social media users tried to explain it in ‘American terms’ and joked you wouldn’t expect a waiter to slice your steak for you.

“If you go to a restaurant and you order a steak, do they serve it sliced?” one person commented.

“Why do they serve it unsliced? Same reason why the waiter doesnt cut a steak into little pieces and handfeed it to you,” another added.

“It is not seen as fast food, the pizza in America is pre sliced because it is seen as fast food that you just pick up and eat. For example steak.”

Others noted that not every restaurant sticks to this practice however (about the pizza not the steak thing), and others will happily slice the pizza if you ask nicely.