Man flies drone into North Korea from China to capture incredible footage but everyone’s saying the same thing

A man claims to have taken photos from inside North Korea after flying a drone into the country – and everyone’s saying the same thing.

For anyone who skipped out on international relations back in school, North Korea is notoriously a secretive nation.

So much so, getting in and out of the country can prove to be more than a little difficult.

But one person decided they wanted to get a look into the nation.

Reddit user claimed that while he was in China, he decided to send his drone on quite the adventure.

He said that he flew his drone over the border and took several pictures, some of which he shared on the social media platform. The post has since gone viral with over 130,000 upvotes.

A Reddit user claimed that while he was in China, he decided to send his drone on quite the adventure.



The images show the portraits of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il decorating the outside of a building.

While it is not clear what time the images were taken, the streets are very much devoid of motorists and pedestrians. Some images even show people on the ground pointing out the drone. Other images simply show the skyline of a city in the country.

“Am I tripping or is there no street drainage at all? Definitely no traffic lights. Looks like a concrete model of a city,” one user wrote.

“It’s interesting how the uncanny valley exists for inanimate things as well. This is close enough to being an actual city that it’s disturbing,” another added.

Some images even show people on the ground pointing out the drone.



“Yesss but barely any cars or people. No trash anywhere. It’s so bizarre to look at it,” a third wrote.

Despite being impressed by the photos, many users have all remarked the same thing – that the person could find themselves in serious trouble, and probably shouldn’t have done it.

Others were surprised at how easily the Reddit user was able to get images of the country and then on the internet.

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“Guy singlehandedly invaded N. Korea,” joked one user.

“If this random dude with a drone from a store can this easily spy on North Korea, imagine the intel the US has,” a person added.

“US intelligence are probably like ‘wait s***, we spent hundreds of millions on spy satellites and could have just used a f****** $500 drone?'”

“That seems like a dangerous game,” another warned.

“Causing an international incident as a goof,” another also warned.

However, others remarked due to the civil relationship between China and North Korea, even if they had successfully shot down the drone, not much more would have occurred beyond confiscation.