Killer whale stalks and kills great white shark with one blow in shocking footage rarely seen

Animals lovers have found themselves feeling sorry for a great white shark after it is viciously preyed upon by a killer whale.

A lot of people have a fear of sharks, I imagine films like Jaws probably have something to do with that.

However, some animal documentary viewers found themselves stunned at just how brutal nature can be, specifically how a great white shark fairs when tangling with a killer whale.

A recent clip from National Geographic’s show Queens, shows a rare look at a grandmother killer whale, 60 year-old Sophia, attacking the great white.

Voiced by actress Angela Bassett, she explains just how quickly things go from perfectly fine to critical for the great white shark.

The video shows Sophia swimming up to the shark before ramming it head first hard before swimming around and circling.

“Sophia’s strike was so powerful, it shattered the shark’s ribs,” Bassett said.

“But the great white could still be dangerous, Sophia circles, testing to see if the shark will bite back.

“But her aim was perfect. She takes the shark under and suffocates it.”

The footage certainly surprised many viewers who were stunned at how quickly and efficiently the killer whale could subdue her prey.

“That Orca came out of nowhere and was flat haulin-A! That was intense, great footage. The shark never knew what hit it,” one impressed viewer wrote on YouTube.

Documentary viewers found themselves stunned at just how brutal nature can be.

National Geographic

“I’ve never felt bad for a shark before until today lol,” another added.

“Imagine the physics that allow the orca to take on that force with its snout/face! She essentially head butted an 18 wheeler going 60mph(?). . . and ‘walks’ away,” a third wrote.

The video footage has also been shared on social media platforms.

On Reddit, many simply joked that their grandmother probably couldn’t take down a killer white shark.

The video shows the killer whale swimming up to the shark before ramming it head first.

National Geographic

“Hit’em in the ribs, gramgram,” joked one user.

“My grandma is slacking off for REAL,” another added.

“My grandma needs at least 2 other ladies from the senior center to take out a great white.”

60 yo grandma killer whale takes out great white shark by herself
byu/Carche69 inBeAmazed

“Killer whales usually hunt in packs, and it’s very rare for them to hunt something like a great white by themselves. There is only one other instance on film of something like this happening so this was a pretty big deal for the documentary makers,” another explained.

So, I guess it is even more impressive than we first thought.

I think we can all agree though that great white shark didn’t stand a chance.