Everyone thought he was too fat to dance. He leaves them speechless

A great deal of passion is needed for dance, as well as technique and style. In this video, the young man who appears as the protagonist is demonstrating that even with a far from ideal physique, it is possible to succeed in creating beautiful choreography despite having a far from ideal physique.

The art of dance is considered to be a very refined art form requiring a great deal of grace, precision, and a lot of lightness of movement, yet many people believe that it is synonymous with perfect physical form. But is it really so? According to the classical canons of dance, the protagonist of this video most certainly does not have a slim or perfect physique, but his enthusiasm and inner strength made him a very good dancer, and he dances very well according to the classical canons of dance.

As soon as this guy started dancing, all the people watching were skeptical and did not believe that he could give a great performance, however, when he, Aoniken Quiroga, began to dance with his partner Alejandra Mantinan, everyone was left speechless and was in awe.

A well-executed choreography is a delight to watch, and as a result it is a demonstration and example for all those who love to dance but aren’t able to move in a way that it can be done with the right body structure. They have perfect chemistry between them, their steps are light and quick, and the result is a well-executed choreography that is a pleasure to watch.