Elton John’s Riveting Testimony About Michael Jackson – A Stunning Revelation! 

Elton John, a close friend of Michael Jackson, asserts that the star’s fame caused him to fall ill and cause a “mental illness.”. ”.

He also said in his recently released memoir that being around Jackson was “disturbing.”. The 72-year-old singer acknowledged being friends with Michael early in his career, but as the latter’s fame increased, he witnessed Michael’s transformation. Michael Jackson was 13 years old when they first met, and Elton described him as “the most charming youngster you could imagine. ”.

But like Elvis Presley, he began to withdraw from reality and the outside world in the years that followed. I always assumed he had gone insane whenever I saw him as an adult. God alone is aware of what was going through his mind and the reason he was taking so much medication. ”.

“We didn’t learn about it until recently. He claimed that he was severely mentally ill and unpleasant to be around. Having been invited to one of Elton’s parties, he got lost and was later discovered playing with the housekeeper’s son. ”.

He couldn’t stand being around adults, the artist said, for whatever reason. Elton John made a number of disclosures in his book. He discussed his relationship with his late mother Sheila Farebrother and admitted that he had a challenging upbringing.

Sheila and her husband David Furnish have two sons together, Zachary, who is eight, and Elijah, who is six. Sheila has never met her sons.
She never really liked David.
Never was it well received. The kids were never denied access to him. But Elton John added, “I’m glad they didn’t know her because they reprimanded her in the same way she reprimanded me. ”.